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Painful Sex (Dyspareunia)

Vaginismus – a video

We just posted a video on  YouTube that explains vaginismus by using a model of a female pelvis for better illustration. Related posts: Vaginismus on YouTube Vaginal Applicator – video Clitoris & lubrication Sex After Baby, Sex with Endometriosis, and more videos


Penis & thrusting

Thrusting during intercourse is the rocking movement of the penis in the vagina, done rhythmically as per the male’s arousal.  It is the flip-side of rubbing the penis to arousal during manual sex or oral sex. How deep does the penis thrust during intercourse? As


Guiding the penis?

Do women need to guide the penis toward their vagina when having sexual intercourse or can the penis find its own way in? Generally speaking, the penis has a built-in GPS and can find its way without guidance, aided by the V-shape of the pelvis


Doing ‘it’ wrong?

A repeated question by many patients: “Am I doing it wrong? I cannot have intercourse.” And more questions: Is he trying to get into the wrong hole (vagina)? Maybe I do not have a hole (vagina)? Are we doing it in a wrong position? The


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