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Bleeding with sex (intercourse)

Not all bleeding/spotting with intercourse suggests a medical crisis. Common, everyday causes may include: Chafing irritation because of dryness/insufficient lubrication/prolonged thrusting. This would be a good reason to use vaginal lubrication! You have vaginismus or dyspareunia — your vagina is tight (nervous) and thus diminished in diameter because of


Vaginismus: is something (not) wrong with my vagina?

Despite widespread online visibility in recent years, vaginismus continues to be an elusive condition.  Professionals are still not sure how to diagnose it, treatment is not standardized, misconceptions abound, and the women who suffer often find themselves left alone searching for solutions. Why is vaginismus


Vaginismus and hymen

Can a hymen cause vaginismus? Typically, NO, the presence of a hymen will not cause vaginismus, or this condition would have been most common, which is not the case. Furthermore, most vaginismus patients do not have an intact hymen in the first place despite not


Vagina – use or lose?

Edited on July 3, 2018 A 20-something patient arrived at the office today and told us that she has not been having intercourse for over 8 months now. One of her concerns was whether she will be able to have pain-free sex when she resumes


Vaginismus and orgasms

Can a woman with vaginismus be sexually aroused and have an orgasm?  Of course! I can orgasm — does it mean I do not have vaginismus? No, because being able to orgasm does not negate having vaginismus! Unlike the penis, a one-for-all body part (urination,


Which is Better, Tampons? A Menstrual Cup? Pads?

In today’s life, women have different choices for managing menstrual blood, including pads, tampons, or a menstrual cup.  It is surely much simpler than ancient methods of stuffing cotton in the vagina, or sitting put for a few days until the bleeding stops. A common


The Girl and Iron Door

The Girl and Iron Door is a story about young ladies, life, first love, and overcoming vaginismus (without ever mentioning any of these words).  This captivating tale was sent to us by a former patient; it reads like a novel and, being so beautiful, it


First time intercourse – will it hurt for sure?

Not necessarily. First time sexual intercourse may be painful or uncomfortable because You are nervous and worried, which will make your vagina dry and tight; You may have an intact hymen (note: being a virgin does not guarantee the presence of a hymen!); You are


Hyperactive Gag Reflex, and Vaginismus

What can possibly be the connection, you may ask? Read on. The Gag reflex is an instinctual (reflex) closure of the back of the throat.  Its purpose is to prevent choking as well as to prevent substances from going into the airways.  It is a


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