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How Common is Vaginismus? | Vaginismus Statistics

Based on over 2213 vaginismus patients as of December 2023

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As leaders in the field, we are eager to address these typical questions and hope that you will find this information valuable in your own quest for answers:

Is there an effective treatment for Vaginismus?

Our statistical analysis shows that 95% of our vaginismus patients completed the process undergoing the DiRoss Methodologysm, a well-defined body-mind intervention. The 5% that did not complete the process include women who never returned past the introductory appointment due to fear of being touched, women who couldn’t afford the treatment, women who relocated, and a few women whose husbands denied them the option of treatment (victims of domestic violence).

Will vaginismus come back?

The treatment process resolves the vaginismus as long as the woman follows the prescribed discharge instructions.

What is the typical family status of the patient with Vaginismus?

40% are single or in a relationship
60% are married

How old is the typical vaginismus patient?

23% are under the age of 25
54% between the ages of 26-35
19% between the ages of 36-50
4% are over the age of 51

Do educated women suffer from vaginismus too?

The condition is shared by women across all cultures, religious affiliations, educational levels, or intelligence. Of our patients,

79% are college graduates/professionals
8% are students (entry-level to doctoral degrees)
13% are homemakers

Is abuse the most common cause of vaginismus?

Not at all. Only 22% of our inquiries experienced abuse, may it be verbal, emotional, physical, sexual, or rape.

How common is vaginismus? How rare is Vaginismus? I never heard of it before…

Unfortunately, vaginismus continues to be a hidden problem, suffered in silence, and often missed by healthcare professionals. Consequently, actual numbers of sufferers are hard to come by.  That said, we have been treating vaginismus full-time since 1996, and have been responding to as many inquiries by women who cannot get to us.   Additionally, we have seen Internet search results for this condition grow from one (1) result being us back in the day to 1,333,000 at the time of this update (March 2021), which strongly suggests that it is a common problem!

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