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Online Treatment Programs for Vaginismus and Painful Sex

Why Choose Us?

When we first established our specialty practice – back in 1996 – the Internet was in its infancy, and the search engines from that time are long gone by now.  Google’s inventors were still young boys, blogging was not known, search engine optimization was not needed, and social media was an unknown term.

Like the Internet, we have evolved since, now offering a broader-yet scope of services that promote female urogenital, sexual, and emotional health through her life cycles, as well as aesthetics.

Here is why you may want to choose us:

  • Because we are the oldest and longest-established treatment center for vaginismusdyspareunia, and somatic vaginal disorders.

  • Because we pioneered THE body-mind treatment for penetration disorders (vaginismus, dyspareunia) – the  DiRoss Methodologysm that has proven itself over the years as you can see in our Stats page.

  • Because our expertise is known and endorsed by the medical community.

  • Because we have been authors and lecturers nationally and internationally.

  • Because we were the very first, in 1998, to design and offer a 2-week treatment for vaginismus. We never trained anyone in our methodology nor have any relation to other such emulated programs.

  • Because we do not utilize a cookie-cutter intervention but rather tailor it to the particular needs of each woman – we have plenty of treatment tools to choose from!

  • Because each visit is nearly an hour long, a dedicated and uninterrupted time for only you.  No group sessions nor seeing other patients at the same time.

  • Because we believe that a warm, cozy office adds to the comfort and openness when addressing the sensitive, intimate issues we treat.  We do not wear white coats nor have medical photos on the walls.

  • Because we offer you direct communication with us, as well as prompt and courteous service. We strive to reply to emails within 12 hours, and assure you that only the doctors read them.  We also give you the option to speak directly with the doctors if you so prefer.

  • Because we remain ‘yours’ at no charge after discharge for any follow-up questions, advice, personal needs, etc.

  • Because we will assist you with insurance reimbursement.  Although we are fee-for-service specialists and do not participate in any insurance plan except for Medicare, our services are reimbursable.  Make sure to read our Insurance page for details.

  • Because your partner/husband is welcome and his/her needs will be addressed as well.

  • Because we believe in transparency and in open communication, and appreciate when our patients arrive informed and ready for discussion having done their online research.

  • Because our patients regularly recommend us to others, which we consider to be a meaningful vote of confidence!

Because we always continue to develop, to explore new venues, and to expand our expert services while never losing sight of the need to provide the highest quality service to our patients!
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