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Vaginismus Support Group

Vaginismus support group on Facebook – Private Pain

In our continual effort to help women with vaginismus, we launched a unique chat room on Facebook where you can not only chat with others who suffer from this condition but also meet and speak with a growing number of our former patients who will gladly answer your questions as well as share their experiences with ‘before, during, after’ vaginismus.

This group is an excellent platform for e-meeting women from all walks of life, all religions and cultures, from around the globe, with over 1500 members as of March 2021. In this group, you can also chat with the doctor for preliminary information.


To join our Facebook vaginismus support group:

    • Decide on a different login name to use unless you don’t mind that your Facebook friends will know that you joined this group;

    • Log in to Facebook and make sure your log in is working fine;

    • In the search box, enter Vaginismus, a private pain;

    • Once on the group’s page, request to join;

    • Be sure to have Messenger activated (Facebook requirement) for our notification of acceptance;

    • Go back to the group later, go to Messages, and look for our acceptance message;

    • We strive to process requests within 24 hours from the time we receive your request to join;

    • If you did not receive our acceptance message: email us at [email protected] and alert us to your waiting. Alternatively, you may do the same via our Contact Us form (use the General Inquiry option).


Vaginismus Support Group on Reddit

If you prefer not to be on Facebook, we also offer a Reddit Vaginismus Support Forum.

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