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Testimonials – Vaginismus Stories

Drs. Ditza and Ross were top notch in helping me through a very difficult time in my life when no one else had an answer. My hubby and I completed the 2 week program in June of 2009. We had been married 3 years without truly consumating the union. I stumbled across the term vaginismus, and began researching. WTC was the only treatment center that I found who seemed to truly understand the issue and know what to do with it. They treated me using a mind-body approach. We successfully "graduated" from the program, and have had a wonderful 10 years without vaginismus dictating our relationship! I would highly recommend this facility and these doctors!!
You will not find more caring or dedicated doctors than at the Women’s Therapy Center. I struggled for years with vaginismus and found that sex therapy, pelvic floor physical therapy, and even surgery didn’t solve my problem. In just two weeks, the doctors at the WTC were able to help me turn my biggest struggle into one of my biggest achievements using their mind and body technique. They truly know what they are doing. They also helped me to better understand my body and feel confident in myself moving forward. They are compassionate and kind and cheer their patients on every step of the way. I cannot recommend their services enough!
It's not too good to be true. Thank you doctors for 100% healing from vaginismus! I've never received better care.
I came here for treatment May 2019 and it was one of the best decisions I have every made. Clean, comfortable and therapeutic environment. Kind, helpful and dedicated staff/clinicians. Worth absolutely every single penny. This place and these doctors not only FULLY cured me, they also helped me heal mentally and emotionally from years of anxiety and shame. This place not only healed me of my condition, but helped me in so many other areas! Don't waste your time or money on other PT or methods that won't work- GO TO WTC!!!
This place is amazing. I would highly recommend to anyone who is considering treatment here. This place changed my life for the better and my serious relationship is doing better than ever because of their treatment plan. They saved me from unnecessary surgery and I could not be more grateful for everyone who works here.
My 20 year old daughter suffered from Vaginismus and we traveled from KY to NY for treatment at the Women's Therapy Center. She was cured in under 10 sessions. The doctors are staff there are wonderful, so experienced and insightful. Truly no one else I have encountered understands this condition. I was fearful that my daughter would have to live with this condition for many years, but after finding the WTC in NY, she is cured. If you have any doubts, don't, just go. I am forever grateful for what they have done for my daughter. Truly life changing.
The best 5 stars I’ve ever given! The women at the center are angels who’ve changed countless lives including mine. I went for the 2 week program hesitant and came out cured! Putting my trust and faith in these lovely ladies changed my life forever. The process they have is like no other and it simply just works. Vaginismus makes us feel alone and like cast outs, but I’m here to tell you, you’re not alone and there are others who’ve suffered and still are in silence, but there IS an answer and it’s at the Women's Therapy Center! They care about you beyond just curing your physical but also healing you of your trauma and hurt. No amount of thank you could express how great full I am to them. Sending love to all reading this, I see you and you’re not alone. Alice
They are the best - the absolute best for recovering from vaginismus. They trusted me when I didn't trust myself and eventually got me through the end. They are Messiahs for me from God, who have pulled me out of a abyss that I never knew I could come out of. Thank you Doctors!!
I had a great experience at the Women's Therapy Center. I was there for the 2-week program and had good results - CURED! The doctors really know what they're doing and know how to attack vaginismus (body and mind!). After reading all the reviews and success stories, I had very high hopes that by trusting the process, I would also have the same results -- and it worked! The treatment, cost, time, etc. was all worth it, to me. The doctors and staff always answered all my questions regarding the treatment, insurance claims, and any concerns. They made me feel at home during the twice-daily visits and made themselves available 24/7 as needed. It was a life-changing experience in so many ways and I'm grateful to have found WTC, and only wish many more others have access to this treatment in the future.
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