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IUD and Intercourse

Is it possible for my IUD to become dislodged/displaced by a penis/fingers/sex toys, etc.? And do i have to be careful with previously mentioned now that I have an IUD?  As seen on MissMuslim. You can read it here. Related posts: Vaginismus and an IUD


Bleeding with sex (intercourse)

Not all bleeding/spotting with intercourse suggests a medical crisis. Common, everyday causes may include: Chafing irritation because of dryness/insufficient lubrication/prolonged thrusting. This would be a good reason to use vaginal lubrication! You have vaginismus or dyspareunia — your vagina is tight (nervous) and thus diminished in diameter because of


Suffering in silence with painful intercourse

The body is built for intercourse and women should be able to handle it just fine.  Still, why do so many women suffer in silence during painful intercourse, instead of speaking up? Is this an inherent trait in women? Is the partner at fault? Is


Vaginismus: is something (not) wrong with my vagina?

Despite widespread online visibility in recent years, vaginismus continues to be an elusive condition.  Professionals are still not sure how to diagnose it, treatment is not standardized, misconceptions abound, and the women who suffer often find themselves left alone searching for solutions. Why is vaginismus


Vaginismus and hymen

Can a hymen cause vaginismus? Typically, NO, the presence of a hymen will not cause vaginismus, or this condition would have been most common, which is not the case. Furthermore, most vaginismus patients do not have an intact hymen in the first place despite not


Vaginismus Treatment: Dilators and Lidocaine for

Vaginal dilators have been a vital component of vaginismus treatment. They may be used as a home kit for self-treatment or by a clinician attending to the condition. When trying to self-treat with dilators, success is variable: some will be successful, some will continue to


Penis vs Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is a common vaginal infection that is often recurring time and again, despite treatment, which is a cause of frustration to both the woman and her clinician. A recent article, The Microbiome Composition of a Man’s Penis Predicts Incident Bacterial Vaginosis in


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