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Abnormal Pap

Posted by womentc in Women's Health 20 Jul 2010

So your Pap smear results came back ‘inconclusive’ or ‘suspicious’ and you were told to repeat the test in so many months.  You are nervous, worried, and — so typically — convinced you now have cancer…

In reality, false-positive results are not unusual and can be due to laboratory errors or to the presence of blood, or mucus or inflammation, or semen/spermicidal, etc.,  that mask the result.  If the abnormalities require close scrutiny, your doctor will proceed with a colposcopy even before recommending a repeat Pap smear.

What can you do to minimize false-positive results? Read our post Tips for Gyno Exam.  Beyond that, try to stay as calm as possible until you do the repeat test — it may very well come back negative and normal after all!