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Vaginismus Awareness Podcast (Marriage From a Christian Perspective)

We thank a patient of ours for sharing her cure from vaginismus after her own struggle with the condition for many years.

In her own words:

I listen to a podcast called “Sexy Marriage Radio” , which is a podcast about sex in marriage from a Christian perspective. What I love about the podcast is that they have honest, real conversations about sex, and want to help couples improve their sex lives. This is something that the Christian church typically doesn’t do a great job of.

On one recent episode, they mentioned a wife who had emailed them about pain during sex. They did mention vaginismus on the podcast, which I was very impressed with since it’s not very well known.  I decided to email them with my story in the hopes that they would learn about the Women’s Therapy Center (WTC) and maybe pass on the info.

Well… on this week’s episode, they not only mentioned my email, but encouraged listeners to check out the WTC website, and posted the link in the show notes! I was thrilled to know that I could pass along information that could help other women!

If you are interested in listening, the episode where the WTC is mentioned is #372 “Semen, Breasts, and Fantasy”,  at about the 12 min and 40 second mark.”

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