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Tampons and vaginismus

Women with vaginismus will often not be able to use tampons because they are afraid to insert them, or they tried in the past and it ‘got stuck’ and scared them, or because they heard many scary stories about tampons and Toxic Shock Syndrome, or because they were told that ‘good girls don’t use tampons’ prior to marriage, etc, etc.

Vaginismus and Tampons

Curing vaginismus and being able to use tampons is always a thrilling moment for our patients — it is about them, and about their own monthly hygiene; it is not about the partner, nor about having to forgo activities that were a problem before.  The following is what a recently cured patient just posted on our Vaginismus- A Private Pain support group page:

The start of my period usually doesn’t cause for celebration…but I am celebrating today. :) I’m celebrating that it was no big deal to insert a tampon this morning! I’m celebrating that I can go for a run without worrying that my skin will be chafed by my maxi pad and that I can accept offers to go swimming and go to the beach, no matter what time of the month it is.”  (Aug 13, 2014)

Our website has many entries about tampons and tampon tips that you and/or your friends will find valuable.

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